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Lucretia B's International Cookbook Lucretia B's Amazing International Cookbook

Lucretia B's International Cookbook

Specialized in Italian, French and Australian cuisine

Table of Contents


Designed by a homemade expert of homemade cooking, with invaluable contributions from Germaine Cacochyme de Valétudinaire (a real French chef) and from The Boss (a Computer Programmer who supplied the cooking insights for dummies), Lucretia B's International Cookbook is a collection of exotic and practical recipes from all over the world. As of today, this collection includes over 140 different recipes and is continually growing.
With inspiring contributions from cooks around the world, I, Lucretia B, have personally verified, materialized, re-written and formatted every single recipe in the Cookbook. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends and relations who have given their help and supplied ideas and inspiration, often without them knowing. Thanks to those who allowed me to share in their creations and thanks also to those who allowed me to use them as "guinea pigs".
I wrote the recipes with cooks of medium-experience in mind, but I think that diligent beginners will also be successful. For them in particular, special "Pedantic Versions" of some difficult recipes (!) are available, together with a section with "Tricks and Secrets". In case all this wasn't enough, I'll be pleased to reply directly to any questions. I will also be happy to include new recipes, giving credits to each contributor: type your favourite recipe in the form and I'll take care of the translation.


Before delving into any of the luxurious experiences this Cookbook supplies, sit down, relax and take a minute to read this paragraph. Every item in the International Recipes Index takes you to a page with a number of related recipes, which we have written thinking of cooks of medium experience. I am gradually adding special information for infrequent cooks, which will include a glossary and many photographs.
If this is your first cooking experience, the instructions in the "International" section might be too technical for you to feel comfortable and confident enough. In this case, you can jump to the Pedantic Recipes for Computer Programmers and Other Dummies section.
If you are looking for something in particular, you can use the Search engine; and if there's something special you would like to see explained here, all you have to do is send me an email.
We have recipes from all over the world, with our forte being the Italian, French and Australian cuisine.

Pedantic Recipes for Computer Programmers and Other Dummies

Computer programmers and novice cooks might complain that the instructions I have provided for most recipes are not clear or understandable enough. However, before despairing and turning to the phone book for the number of the closest take away restaurant, they might take a look at one of the special Step by step tutorials, completed with detailed instructions, kitchen reference terms and even pictures. These special instructions also include the complete list of all the utensils you will need to materialize your recipe.

American, Imperial &Metric Measurements

I often find myself in trouble with the different measurement systems. If you do too, you can refer to the Conversion Tables, where I've collected all the information I could find. Should you know of any other source, I'd appreciate it if you let me know!

If you wish to copy anything from these pages, do read the Copyright Details first.

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