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Cooking ahead


Not all food can be prepared and cooked in advance. For example, salads and pasta are usually better prepared just in time for serving.

Where possible, we have tried to include in the method of each recipe all the details for preparing, storing and reheating that specific dish. Not all recipes include the cooking ahead details at the moment, but we are constantly updating the information and should be ready to complete the instructions soon.

In addition, we will soon implement a marking system, using different symbols for recipes which can be prepared in advance and recipes that cannot be prepared in advance.

Food that can be pre-cooked and stored for later use

In general, the following dishes and ingredients can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge or frozen:

Food that cannot be pre-cooked or prepared in advance

The following dishes and ingredients are better prepared, or added to the basic recipe, just in time for serving:

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